1.     SLCN – policy/practice research interface:
This is a substantial, research programme following on from the Bercow Review and DfE agreement to implement all Bercow’s recommendations. We are just entering a major dissemination  and development phase in collaboration with the Communication  Trust and the DfE
Speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) cost-effectiveness research programme. Prof G. Lindsay, Prof J. Dockrell, Prof J. Law & Prof S. Roulstone, with Prof A. Vignoles, Prof J. Beecham, Dr S Strand , & Prof T. Charman. DCSF. 2009-2012.
2.     Developing support for the teaching workforce and others:
The first was a DfE directly funded study to evaluate a range of elements of this initiative. The latter was under the new regime where the AET have been commissioned to implement the development of training materials and have commissioned our evaluation. This is about 2/3 through and going well.
Evaluation of the impact of DCSF investment in initiatives designed to improve teacher workforce skills in relation to SEN and disability.Prof G. Lindsay, Prof J. Dockrell, Dr S. Strand, Prof S. Hegarty, Prof M. Stewart, Dr D. Hartas, Mr C. Hasluck, Dr M. Desforges, Ms M-A Cullen, Dr S. Cullen. DCSF, 2008-11.
Autism Education Trust: Programme Evaluation. Prof Geoff Lindsay, Prof Tony Charman, Prof Julie Dockrell, Mairi Ann Cullen, Dr Stephen Cullen and Dr Liz Pellicano. 2011-13.
3.     Parenting support – very well established to reduce BESD by improving parenting:
Parenting programmes are well established as targeted approaches  - we evaluated the national rollout and showed their success. There is also interest in a universal approach – CANparent trial (2012-14). This is of interest for SEN policy as it is promoting b]n on-stigmatisation and normalising parenting support.
Parenting Early Intervention Programme.Prof G. Lindsay, Prof H Davis, Dr S. Strand, Dr R. Evans, Prof J. Barlow, Mrs S. Band, Ms M.A. Cullen, Dr S Cullen, & Mr C. Hasluck. DfES, 2008-11.
Evaluation of the universal parenting classes trial. Prof G. Lindsay, Prof S. Strand, Mrs M. A. Cullen, M. Peters, G. Conlon, C. Bryson, S. Purdon, S. Cullen, Prof J. Barlow. DfE, 2012-14.
The benefit of parenting support programmes as an entitlement for local pre-school children and their families. Prof G. Lindsay. Save the Children, 2011.